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Brock at age 12 lands a 29.5 inch/10 pound walleye

Fishing for Jack Crevalle and Barracuda in Belize

Fishing in April in Alaska. Fishing for Halibut, Rockfish and Lingcod

Waded waist deep into the surf in southern Peru to try to catch a shark. So much fun!

Had an opportunity to go to Brazil to fish the Amazon river. Shows highlights of what we caught in 6 days of fishing.

Spent a morning out fishing Walleye. Landed several nice walleyes. Highlight a few of the bigger ones here.

Bass fishing in northern Minnesota using soft plastics. Adyson catches a 19 incher while the rest of us “only” catch 17 and 18 inch bass.

We make our own soft plastics by recycling old baits and pouring them into molds. Here we show you how we do this.

Loads of fun catching rock sea bass on jigs with soft plastics off the coast of Peru!

Caught lots of smallmouth bass, several northern pikes and even a lake trout fishing in Canada in early August. 

Caught a 200 pound Piraiba (goliath catfish) while fishing in Amazon. Biggest fish I ever caught!

Our family’s favorite and best lure for catching bass is the whopper plopper.