the last frontier

So Many Options


Most people I know travel to Alaska to fish for salmon. A large number also go to fish for halibut. And no one argues against either choice. But there are so many other species that can be caught in Alaska. Lake trout, arctic char, rockfish, northern pike, dolly varden, steelhead, various cod and lingcod(not a cod) are all fish worth traveling to Alaska to fish for.


Homer, Juneau, Sitka, Valdez, Seward, Bristol Bay, Ketchikan, Kodiak Islands, Ninilchik and Shipcreek are all popular destinations. But they aren't the only places in Alaska that can claim to have great fishing. Plus Alaska is so rugged and remote that almost anywhere you go will have wildlife. Moose, bear, eagles, otters, sea lions and so much more.


One of the best things about fishing in Alaska is the different types of fishing that can be done. Of course you can fish the ocean. But don't sleep on the lakes or especially the rivers. Trolling for salmon in the ocean is fun, but one could argue that hooking a big salmon in a river is more fun.

Target specific species or try multi species?

Just salmon? Think about a multi species trip.

Sometimes its nice to go somewhere and target a specific fish. But in Alaska, one of the best things to do is to fish for multiple species. One of my favorite fish to catch in Alaska are rockfish. Drop your line a couple hundred feet down and wait to see what bites. If you are over a rock pile or structure you are likely to catch a rock fish. But what type? Alaska boasts over 25 species of rockfish. You never know what you will pull up. Quillback? Yellow eye?-maybe. Tiger, dusky, black, yellow tail, china, silvergray, copper or another type? Who knows. And they all taste good. Most charters that do multi species will fish for rockfish for a couple hours along with targeting a couple other species. They’re fun and tasty.