A Fishing Family

We’re a simple family that loves fishing. As you can see, our kids started fishing when they were quite young. For several years our lives revolved around operating a fishing lodge in Minnesota during the summers and a fishing lodge in Belize in the winter. While we really enjoyed this, it wasn’t great for family life (or the kids schooling). Plus we could never travel or fish anywhere besides Minnesota or Belize. While we still spend part of our year operating a small fishing lodge in Minnesota, we are also able to plan fun fishing trips to places like Alaska, the Amazon, Peru and Utah. When we planned our trips we often relied on reviews and youtube videos to choose locations, outfitters, guides, places to stay and more. We soon realized there is a severe shortage of youtube videos about fishing and other important info for planning great fishing trips. Our family is hoping to make a difference in the world by creating great youtube videos of our fishing trips as well as share information about the places we go! While our whole family enjoys fishing and works together, the three main players for Crazy-Good-Fishing adventures are Brock, Adyson and Adam. 

Adyson doesn’t refer to herself as an avid fisherman. But since she has lived with her family at various fishing resorts for most of the last 12 years she has had many opportunities to do a little fishing. Surprisingly her favorite way to fish is from a canoe! Adyson really enjoys visiting new places with her family. Adyson isn’t seen too often on our videos, she helps more with the filming, web work as well as learning to keep the company’s books.

Brock is a self proclaimed bass fisherman and is proud to have a 5 pound plus smallmouth mounted on the wall. His favorite type of fishing is top water and his favorite lure is the whopper plopper. Brock has also caught trophy jack crevalle, barracuda and walleye. Normally Brock doesn’t like having his picture taken, but if he has caught a big fish he isn’t shy about having his picture taken.

Bonefish fishing

Adam left his family’s cattle ranch when he was 18 to go work as a dock boy at a fishing lodge. There he found his true passion in life and loves hearing and telling fishing stories. Some of them are even true! Adam has worked for 4 different fishing lodges in Minnesota (owned 2 of them) and owned another lodge in Belize. Adam’s goal in life is to catch 101 different photo quality fish. Oceans, rivers or lakes, from shore, boat or canoe-it doesn’t matter. If there are fish in the water, he is ready and willing to cast. 

What about when we aren't fishing?

You’re right, we aren’t always fishing. We do operate a small business as a family, and that is a lot of work! We all have jobs in the business and generally we enjoy working together. We also enjoy playing together. We especially like traveling(new places and old favorites), hiking(waterfalls are a big hit in our family), trying new foods, stargazing, watching for northern lights and of course chasing sunsets. Whatever it is, we do it as a family. All the pictures on this site and in our youtube videos are our family and friends (no generic stock images off the internet here!).